Ways Parents Can Build Kid’s EQ

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Incorporate Emotional Intelligence into family fun

Summer evokes a long-standing pastime for families to take a break from the school year and work. Picnics, amusement park rides, and getaway excursions usually top the list of things to do. But have you thought about including self-awareness into your list of family activities?

  • Want to watch engaging puppets act out their emotions?
  • Learn some catchy and educational dance steps?
  • Or show your artistic side in an online adventure game?

Families can interpersonally connect with each other when they engage their feelings and those of others.  Emotions matter, and practicing mindfulness, empathy, and self-awareness are the building blocks of emotional intelligence. So why not start instilling these characteristics in the formative years to become second nature in adulthood.   

Check out the following list of resources.  Most of the sites provide free access. 

Many are entertaining, such as the Sesame Street videos, while others are enlightening and informative. There’s something for everyone from pre-K to adults!


​​Welcome to the Big EQ Shop! 

Our store has a variety of plush dolls, card games, and books free or paid for. 

Video games with emotional intelligence themes:

The Game | Online Activities For Mental Health

Go Noodle Games and Videos


Parents Online Resources EQuipOurKids and Family Online Resources EquipOurKids 

Includes links to free and paid EQ home games.

Social Skills for Parents TODAY 

Books and guides for Pre-K to Post High School ages. 

Social and Emotional Development Videos

Share Song Sesame Street 

Play Together

Difficult Tough Talks Sesame Street

Love My Hair Sesame Street (Engish/Spanish)

Name That Emotion with Murray!

Mindful Physical Activities


Bring out your inner Zen with this yoga application. Try it out for two weeks free. 

Why Are Some People Mean? | Cosmic Kids Zen Den (Mindfulness for Kids)

How to Make Good Choices | Zen Den | Mindfulness for Kids

Zen Den | How to Deal with Nightmares | Mindfulness for Kids

Yoga Class: Following My Teacher | Sesame Street 

Song: Elmo’s Got the Moves | Sesame Street 

Song Dance – Elmo Slide Sesame Street

For Adults

EQ Tips, Exercises, and Videos  

The guide includes meditation audio to relieve mental stress.

When families engage their senses, they bring balance to their lives and improve relationships. Adding awareness activities shows parents and children a mental map on how they can empower their interactions through emotional intelligence-building games, physical activities, and more.

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