Volunteer with EQuip Our Kids!

We’re not your typical nonprofit. 

Our mission is to increase generational Emotional Intelligence by driving universal PreK – 12 adoption of comprehensive Social-Emotional Learning or SEL. 

We don’t offer our own SEL programs, because many proven, research-based programs already exist. Instead, we focus on promoting the overall adoption of Social-Emotional Learning. Because of that, our volunteer roles look like those at a marketing agency: 

  • Campaign managers
  • Social media managers
  • Writers / Content Marketers
  • Designers
  • Account Managers
  • Website developers and administrators

And because we focus on SEL, we’re looking for people who are knowledgeable and/or passionate about areas such as

  • PreK – 12 Education
  • Youth Mental Health
  • Parenting
  • Workforce Development

All our positions are remote. Some of our teams meet via Zoom a couple times a month. Many volunteers work on a project for 4-8 weeks and then move on. Some continue to volunteer for months or years. And some volunteer roles turn into paid, part-time positions as we grow.

Below are our open volunteer positions. But, we’re always open to new team members. If you see another way that you’d like to contribute, drop us a line.