volunteer with EQuip Our Kids!

We’re not your typical nonprofit. 

Our mission is to increase generational Emotional Intelligence by driving universal PreK – 12 adoption of comprehensive life skills success learning known to educators as  Social-Emotional Learning or SEL. 


We don’t offer our own SEL programs, because many proven, research-based programs already exist. Instead, we focus on promoting the overall adoption of  these highly effectve life skills curriculum. Because of that, our part-time volunteer roles look like those at a marketing agency: 

  • Board  members who can add value
  • Project and Campaign managers
  • Outreach people to contact those who can help advance our mission
  • Video editors and makers
  • Social media managers and posters
  • Website developers and administrators 
  • Public Relations Experts
  • Writers / Content Marketers
  • Designers
  • Researchers 
There are a range of interests that motivate our current volunteers. Just a  short list is:  
  • Creating more effective PreK – 12 Education
  • Youth Mental Health
  • Parenting
  • Overall creating more competent and caring young humans.
  • Being sure students can succeed and help healthier communities and a stronger economy

All our positions are remote. Some of our teams meet via Zoom a couple times a month. Many volunteers work on a project for 4-8 weeks and then move on. Some continue to volunteer for months or years. And some volunteer roles turn into paid, part-time positions as we grow.