the video evidence.

Boys & Girls Clubs | 3:04

“They come into our centers and to school happy and ready to learn and are ready to socialize…they have a different outlook in life and that causes to see themselves as being successful and thrive in the world”.

Veronixa Jimenez, VP of Operations
Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles

Sandy Hook Mom: We Need This | 4:11

“We also learn 21st century skills like collaboration, communication, getting our work done on time.”


Model School: Austin, TX | 3:14

“A lot of times before SEL we had students come and at times they didn’t know how to deal with the emotions and now that they have specific tools and we are modeling for them all throughout the school – it’s made a huge difference.”

Darla Coy
Art Teacher

How These Skills Helped My Kids | 2:53

“My son says ‘we’re more like a family now instead of just a bunch of kids in the same room having to learn the same stuff.’ They seem to be much better behaved.”

Debbie Smith, parent

Second Step Program - Middle School | 2:22

“It’s not all about just being a good teacher, it’s about connecting with the students…I would ask [teachers] to really connect with the students so they can help us through hard times.”


Model School: Chicago, IL | 6:52

“Due to some SEL training we have seen the respect level rise, we’ve seen how a child can go home and actually change a home. That’s our motivation – that we can change a child that changes a home – we can possibly change a community.”

Charles Dunlap
Dean of Students

Basic Components of SEL | 6:02
Social-Emotional Learning, Explained | 3:27
Social & Emotional Learning Overview | 12:51
An Interview with Daniel Goleman | 5:46
The Impact of Social and Emotional Learning | 1:14
Model School: Jefferson County, KY | 3:37
Wisdom Talk 1 | 10:49
Model School: Youngstown, OH | 1:24
Making Sure Each Child Is Known | 3:08

get involved!

for students.

Learning includes exploring yourself mentally and relationally, becoming more confident and capable in all of life’s situations.

for parents.

For kids’ best shot to succeed in every aspect of life, make sure these skills are taught by their schools – and ideally practiced at home. 

for businesses.

There are 54 million parneting households in the U.S., likely including your employees. Promote EQ and SEL and show your committment to the life success of their children and communities.
An Intro to Social and Emotional Learning | 1:00
60-Second Strategy: Snowball Toss | 1:00
Peace Helpers Become Problem Solvers | 1:00
Teaching How to Cope | 41.33
Responsive Classroom Program | 5:22
Model School: Keene, NH | 6:03
The Power of Relationships in Schools | 3:40
Making Students Feel Safe | 8:11
Daily Support System for Students | 3:44
Mindful Morning Program | 2:23
Appreciation, Apology, Aha! | 1:00
Bully Prevention Video Excerpts | 3:08

videos en español.

Rueda de bienestar holístico | 3:30
Hablando Con Sus Hijos Sobre CoVid-19 | 2:47
Enseñanza de habilidades sociales | 1:49