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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is proven to equip kids with the personal and interpersonal skills that they need to succeed in school, career, relationships, and life. But is this approach powerful and accessible enough to counter the challenges confronting every family today? 

In observance of Our SEL Day Webinars, our panel of parent experts discuss SEL’s abilities to address all types of families and their challenges. Parents can learn how to build your social emotional intelligence and that of your kids and face any challenge. 


Dr. Gwen Bass–Educational and parenting consultant and trainer, and parent.

Dr. Lorea Martínez–Faculty, Columbia University Teachers College; Founder, HEART in Mind; and parent.

Michael Eatman–Executive Coach, Inclusion Strategist, founder of Culture7 Coaching, and parent.

EQ as our youth advisory board sees it

               Watch 2023 Webinar 

We believe emotional wellness starts with empathy and understanding. This webinar, run by young people for young people, is to remind us that we are all experiencing a mental and emotional journey at this stage in our life that can be confusing, scary, challenging and exciting to navigate. 

This webinar is about you and issues you likely face. Not about the speakers, not another lecture. We want you to feel heard in your story and inspired by others. Navigating our emerging adulthood isn’t always easy, but we don’t have to go at it alone,


Livi Redden–Podcast “Today is the Future” ; author, “The Sooner You Know, The Better”.

Tanish Ramchandani–High school sophomore, San Francisco.

Maxim Sokolov–College student, New Jersey.

Rafaella Thorssen–Co-founder and chief creative office, Vlogmi.

tomorrow's workforce needs SEL today

2023 Webinar Not Currently Available 

The recent World Economic Forum highlighted the top skills that students need for jobs in the ever-evolving future. Foundational SEL concepts dominate the list: resilience, perseverance, communication, conflict resolution, goal setting, and self-regulation.

How can educators, families, and employers collaborate today to build these skills for the next generation’s success tomorrow? Panelists from business and education will share how these two spheres can, and must, come together for excellence today and tomorrow.

This event was one session in the day-long SEL Day Summit.

Dr. Kasthuri Henry–Founder, KasHenry Inc., Forbes Coaching Council member, author “Ennobled for Success.”

Tony Bond–Chief Innovation and Diversity Officer, Great Place to Work.

Christy Biedron–Director of Education at Junior Achievement of New Jersey.

Keith Montgomery–Head of Alliances, Park Avenue Finance.

SEL DAY 2022 for parents 

For SEL Day 2022, EQuip our Kids! hosted a successful online 4-hour webinar. Multiple parents who are also national SEL experts shared what helps their kids thrive. See what the the experts had to say. Choose from any of the six separate panels. 



  • presidential recognition

  •  President Biden and the First Lady proudly recognized SEL Day 2022 and reaffirmed “the need to give schools, families, and communities the resources required to enhance social-emotional learning.”





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