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“I fully support the EQuip Our Kids! campaign because we need parents and the public to get behind creating whole generations of children who won’t pick up a gun to deal with any resentments and hurts that their families, society or their schools are not otherwise teaching them how to move past. We need every school to include this learning because it is the path to truly safer schools and mentally and emotionally healthy children, along with many other benefits.”

 Scarlett Lewis, Founder
Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

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"I have learned in my schools that social-emotional learning is what really matters."

"Social-Emotional Learning has the skills that we find make people successful over the long haul."

Laura Bush

"The programs nurture a child's social and emotional health and their academic skills."

"It it important to pay attention to emotional intelligence...We want to explode that conversation to all over the world."

"Congratulations on the Campaign. I stand ready to support your work. You are engaged in a truly important endeavor and can touch many lives.”