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How to Raise kids to have good heads & hearts and exceptional life skills

The data proves it

Emotional Intelligence  skills are a kid’s best chance for success in:

  • School
  • Careers & Life
  • Relationships
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75% of preK-12 US students have no access to comprehensive school SEL

It's our mission to change that, with parents and businesses as allies.


A recent survey found that parents across the spectrum want their kids taught the specific skills SEL provides to deal with Covid stress and succeed in all aspects of life. At home, families can share practices and fun tools that teach AND uplift moods. 


78 million parents are available to pay brand attention if you help them get EQ life skills in their schools the way Biz supported STEM. Ronnie Selinger, CEO, Nordis Technologies, makes the case for your helping their kids, including your employees’.

prominent voices

"I have learned in my schools that social-emotional learning is what really matters."

Oprah Winfrey

"Social-Emotional Learning has the skills that we find make people successful over the long haul."

George Lucas
Laura Bush

"The programs nurture a child's social and emotional health and their academic skills."

Laura Bush

"It it important to pay attention to emotional intelligence...We want to explode that conversation to all over the world."

Lady Gaga

"Congratulations on the Campaign. I stand ready to support your work. You are engaged in a truly important endeavor and can touch many lives.”

Henry Cisneros

who we are

EQuip Our Kids!, a project of Earthways Foundation, is a national nonprofit campaign raising needed awareness about and support for EQ life skills, especially among parents and businesses. Founded by civic-minded media,  business and social entrepreneurs with no financial stake in the outcomes,  our goal is comprehensive EQ life skills instruction in every U.S. pre-K-12 classroom by 2030.

Social and emotional learning is good for the child, good for the workforce, and good for society.” – The Lego Foundation.

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More important than learning lessons in math, science, and history, these life skills deserve all schools’ adoption.  

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