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want an emotionally and

mentally healthy world?

lets' teach all kids

emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ like IQ) is a crucial human skill that allows us to deal with ourselves and our relationships with others in a healthy, caring and productive way. When it's part of the curriculum, educators refer to it as Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Making SEL universal will be a game changer for our children's lives - and for life as we know it.

kids with a high EQ know how to:

every kid's core curriculum should start with their core.

Unlike math, science, history and English, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is only taught comprehensively in an estimated 10 – 15% of US schools. Yet, SEL is what teaches kids essential lifelong skills like how to manage themselves, their feelings, and their relationships.

During this stressful time of remote learning, racial upheaval, political tension, family conflict, and utter uncertainty, our children need a curriculum focused on emotional intelligence.

Lets work together to champion Social-Emotional Learning in every classroom and its practices in our parenting homes.

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for parents

Let’s help our kids succeed in every aspect of life by making sure that SEL is taught in their schools, whether classes are in-person or online.

why EQ?

EQ and SEL have the potential to transform  society by fostering better communication, routinely supportive relationships, and healthier daily habits.

for businesses

With nearly 90% of professional high performance coming from EQ, not IQ, getting SEL into all of our  schools is advantageous for everyone.

developing EQ becomes more crucial during the pandemic.

Covid-19 (and associated restrictions) are dramatically affecting the mental health of all Americans, both kids and adults. All the more reason why Social-Emotional Learning should be practiced at school and at home.


of children are stressed out by the pandemic and may experience long-term physical and mental health issues.

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the real test of social emotional learning takes place outside the classroom.

Students who participate in an EQ-centric experience achieve higher test scores and significantly more life success along with lower rates of mental health issues, physical health challenges, crime and drug usage through adulthood. (See the neuroscience of EQ and five lifelong benefits .) There’s ways you can help advance this. 


I am happy to endorse the campaign because this is something we've needed for a long time.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

equip our kids for a brighter future

As a non-profit project of the Earthways Foundation, we are dedicated to educating the country about the life-changing benefits of EQ. We work to provide the best free at-home learning resources for families and tirelessly advocate to get SEL into 100% of preschool, primary, and secondary schools.

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A Parent Talks | 2:49

Hear a parent’s real experience with bringing SEL into the home. More parent resources.

Classroom Evidence| 3:35

Examples of Social-Emotional Learning and character development. More evidence.

A Business Leader on need for Social-Emotional Learning | 6:20

Ronnie Selinger, CEO, Nordis Technologies, talks about the business and organizational need and quest for SEL-trained graduates. Read more.

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