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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the key to raising healthy, well-rounded humans

Especially during COVID time, let's be sure every school in the U.S. makes EQ core to their lesson plan to mitigate emotional stresses and prepare kids for life success and happiness

Emotional Intelligence:

The Single Most Important Lesson for Our Children's Future

Our kid's core curriculum should start with their core.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to deal with ourselves, our relationships with others, and our lives in a healthy, caring, and productive way. It’s a set of life skills that can be taught.

Kids with high EQ know how to:

  • Manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and feel confident in themselves
  • Maintain healthy relationships, collaborate and resolve conflicts
  • Make constructive decisions
  • Set goals and persist through setbacks
  • Empathize with others from diverse backgrounds – with no racial, ethnic, gender or class prejudice
  • Continue lifelong learning and creativity (see Neuroscience) and avoid dire behaviors

But unlike math, science, history, and languages, EQ skills are comprehensively taught in only 10%-15% of U.S. schools.

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) is the term educators gave the coursework that helps teach kids essential EQ skills that provenly  lead to happy, high-performing students, happy schools, and healthy, productive and successful lives that positively affect community and workplace environments.


Let’s work together to champion EQ coursework from every school and its best practices in every home!

During Covid-19 you especially need to make sure your kids or grandkids, nieces and nephews experience emotional intelligence curriculum and home practices. In fact, we all can help counter the reality that 90% of parents and the public at large don’t know this remarkable education even exists. 

Your task is two-fold:
  • Adopt the mostly fun practices in your parenting (see our Guide) – and make parent friends and relatives aware of the opportunity.   
  • Convince your children’s schools to teach full-on SEL  – in classrooms and online. This is crucial.

Social-Emotional Learning

During the Pandemic

Covid-19 restrictions are affecting the mental health of U.S. kids and adults at unprecedented levels.
  • 50% of children are seriously stressed by the pandemic. (Global Strategy Group). Experts forecast long-term mental and physical health issues for many millions of these kids.
  • 34% of adults – a record- show signs of clinical levels of anxiety or depression. (Census Bureau)
  • Which is why healing Social-Emotional Learning should wisely now be embedded in schools and homes.

See Kids Transform
With Emotional Intelligence

Our Role In Spreading Emotional Intelligence

As a nonprofit project of the Earthways Foundation, our role is to…

Make you and all Americans aware of the tremendous benefits of this life skills learning now, and for creating healthy life success…and encourage you on behalf of the children in your life-  and all young people – to help get this learning to them. 

Provide free access to many of the best home EQ learning materials (because there aren’t enough therapists to help America’s 78 million parenting families). We also help build SEL organizations. 

Support The

Cause of



This movement is a rare reason for optimism that something hugely good is possible on a mass scale, with tremendous positive outcomes for children, families, communities and global society.  


Among those who encourage EQ learning without endorsing our specific effort: Former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, Lady Gaga, film director George Lucas, relationship expert John Gray, New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununuand Children’s Defense Fund founder Marian Wright Edelman. Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros is an EQuip Our Kids! endorser.

Michelle Obama / Laura Bush / George Lucas / Lady Gaga / Henry Cisneros


Google, the LA Lakers (an EQuip Our Kids! endorser), the U.S. Air Force, Pepsico, American Express, Panda Express, Allstate Insurance, Forbes Magazine,  Harvard Business Review.


“I am happy to endorse the campaign because this is something we’ve needed for a long time.“
–Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti •  Other Endorsements

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