helping all kids live their best-self lives through
emotional intelligence and personal life skills.

America’s youth need an uplift.

And there's a SMART, fun, proven way

to do it. Let's use it!

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It’s a proven fact that teaching important personal life skills

in schools escalates children into much better emotional states and wonderfully greater success in school, relationships, life and careers. For proof, scroll down to hear from happy, escalated kids.


If that’s not enough reason, the U.S. Surgeon General says millions of American kids experiencing mental health stresses require healing help via these skills. He calls for support for this learning from parents, schools, businesses & organizations. Support that can uplift ALL kids.

so they’re happy, learning and loving.

For children to flourish in school, work and life, he notes, such heart-based emotional intelligence (EQ) life-management skills can both benefit every student while helping restore any Covid-impacted learning abilities – their good heads. 
That’s where we come in.  
EQuip Our Kids! drives support for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), the education curriculum for all kids’ hearts and good headsAs we show, SEL is a very big deal in uplifting youth life success and for its effectiveness reducing youth suicides and conflicts. Plus, as this generation acquires these skills and becomes adults, SEL has awesome potential to reduce societal pains, violence  and conflict. 

what we do, and how you can benefit.

EQuip Our Kids! is a national nonprofit campaign raising needed parent and public awareness about and support for EQ and personal life skills learning. Years of evidence indicates it’s the fastest and surest path to tremendous positive upsides for PreK to 12 students, their families, schools, the workforce, and your community. Our work affects millions of kids. Over five years we helped raise parent awareness of EQ skills learning from 5% to 75%.


your parent role.

You can play a key role in developing your children’s EQ and life skills to live life optimally with smart hearts. We help you advocate for these uplifting skills in schools and learn them at home. We offer a free Toolkit, webinars, newsletter & soon streaming video service.

your business, group or agency

Your business, law enforcement group, municipal youth agency, after-school program or most ANY sector can support SEL publicly and engage locally to to help kids get the upskilling and support they need to be their best selves. We can help you do so.

you as student leader.

There are 3 ways we help you middle, high school, and community college students organize to support each other’s learning EQ life skills for success. You gain student community service credits. You can empower yourself and others to make positive change. 

use our free media + speaker bureau.

We provide free videos and promotional resources to grassroots EQ/SEL organizations. Reach us at + Our experts in child education and psychology help parent groups or your parenting employees equip their kids for success.

social & emotional life skills work.

why EQ learning is magic for kids.

for parents -
school is more than grades.

A recent survey found that parents across the spectrum want their kids taught the specific personal life skills SEL provides to prepare them for future success and to deal with stress. At home, families can share practices and tools that teach AND uplift moods. 

for businesses -
SEL protects your future.

SEL boosts workplaces. Our board member Ronnie Selinger, CEO, Nordis Technologies, makes the case for helping your employees’ kids now and to insure quality future hires. U.S. businesses invested at least $1.2 billion promoting STEM education. SEL, he shows, will pay even bigger dividends. 

Kids game web

the cool skills
kids learn.


how schools

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we all happily

prominent voices.

"I have learned in my schools that social-emotional learning is what really matters."

"Social-Emotional Learning has the skills that we find make people successful over the long haul."

Laura Bush

"The programs nurture a child's social and emotional health and their academic skills."

"It it important to pay attention to emotional intelligence...We want to explode that conversation to all over the world."

"Congratulations on the Campaign. You are engaged in a truly important endeavor and can touch many lives.”

who we are...and why SEL is so important in history

EQuip Our Kids!, a project of Earthways Foundation, is a national nonprofit campaign raising needed awareness about and support for EQ personal life skills, especially among parents, students and businesses. Founded by civic-minded media, business and social entrepreneurs with no financial stake in the outcomes, our goal is comprehensive life skills instruction in every U.S. pre-K-12 classroom by 2030. Why? Because almost all human pain and conflict results from lack of these skills, not from lack of character, and children who solidly learn these thrive in life.  

Almost every adult we know who explores this website says: “I wish they taught me that when when I was in school. My life would have been better.”   

We welcome allies and volunteers in this great cause. Email

Our core – and provable – belief is that the best way to diminish historically repetitive human pain and conflict, individually in our personal lives and collectively in our wars and violence, and therefore create a much better world, is to change mindsets and behaviors by providing the benefits of different thinking and the personal life skills absolutely essential to change behaviors. 

 Our personal lives and the world we collectively create are an outcome of how we are either well-trained or poorly trained to deal with ourselves and others (and life itself and its challenges).

In fact, we humans are not sufficiently well trained in getting along with and cooperating with each other. Otherwise we wouldn’t have nuclear weapon waiting to destroy all of us (deliberately or by accident), nor wars, nor massacres and murders, nor so many other personal life and collective miseries. So much violence, poverty and exploitation. So much MY group against YOUR group pain. So much emotional stress and pained mindsets.

The learning we support is a major step in supporting the highest potential of each person (and of society itself) without harming ourselves or others. It’s a great path to the “better,” more understanding, more loving, more peaceful, more cooperative,  more appreciative of each other, less violent and less personally pained world we desire. 

Social and emotional learning is good for the child, good for the workforce, and good for society.” – The Lego Foundation.