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and create a more loving and prosperous world

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EQuip Our Kids! works to empower children with vital life skills to thrive in the classroom and beyond.  A national nonprofit, we raise parent and public awareness & support for EQ and personal life skills learning in all U.S. schools and homes and we help build grassroots organizations with these goals. Years of evidence indicates it’s the surest path to tremendous positive upsides for children, families, schools, the workforce, your community – and for the many very serious pains of the world, individually and collectively. 

Often called Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by educators, these life skills provide the most important lesson we all need: How to get along with others superbly & manage our lives most rewardingly. You’ll see proof of this in the many videos here

Our work affects millions of kids. Over five years we helped raise parent awareness of EQ skills learning from 5% to 75%. 

for parents: school is more than grades.

America’s youth need a BIG boost.

A SMART, enjoyable, proven one!

To grow a generation like none ever!


 It’s a proven fact: Teaching important personal life skills in schools escalates children into much better emotional states and wonderfully greater success in school, relationships, life and careers. 


* Among the upsides, the U.S. Surgeon General says the many American kids experiencing mental health stresses require help via heart-based emotional intelligence (EQ) and life management skills. These skills greatly benefit all student’s hearts & good heads, mitigating destructive mindsets & behaviors while helping restore Covid-impacted learning abilities.  


 so they’re happy, learning and loving. 

 In fact, as an EQ Life Skills generation becomes adults, it has awesome potential to dramatically reduce high rates of societal pains, violence and conflict and create a more peaceful, prosperous world. 


prominent voices.

"Social-Emotional Learning has the skills that we find make people successful over the long haul."

“Social and emotional learning is good for the child, good for the workforce, and good for society. ”