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why teaching every child

Emotional Intelligence skills

is the best idea in the world

- with benefits you will love.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ like IQ) derives from teachable human skills that empower us to manage our lives, inner selves and our relationships in an emotionally healthy, productive, caring way - and not from trauma, hostility, or desire to harm others or self.

Taught in schools, it's called Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and delivers children a remarkable upgrade in their lives, happiness and success. Teach it everywhere, and we'll get generations healed of most dysfunction, pain, conflict and insanity so familiar to all of us. It's that big a deal.

kids taught the EQ skills they - and society - most urgently need, know how to:

for parents.

Let’s help your kids succeed in every aspect of life by making sure that SEL is taught in their schools, whether classes are in-person or online.

why EQ?

EQ and SEL have the potential to transform society by fostering better communication, routinely supportive relationships, and healthier daily habits.

for businesses.

With nearly 90% of professional high performance coming from EQ, not IQ, getting SEL into all of our schools is a win-win for everyone.

parent alert: every kid's core curriculum should start with their core.

Unlike math, science, history and English, Social-Emotional Learning is only taught comprehensively in an estimated 10-15% of U.S. schools. Yet, SEL teaches kids essential lifelong skills in managing themselves, their feelings, their relationships and their paths to happy, rewarding, and kind lives.

During this stressful time of severe child and parent duress, racial reckoning, political tension and financial uncertainty, children even more need an EQ-raising curriculum. SEL’s inherent ability to transform mindsets and behaviors for the better, make it the game-changer education movement of our time.  

Let’s work together to champion Social-Emotional Learning in every child’s home and classroom. 
Experience the EQ curriculum

developing EQ is even more vital during a pandemic. we can help.

Covid-19 (and associated restrictions) are dramatically down-grading the mental health of many Americans – kids and adults. Making it even more urgent that Social-Emotional Learning be taught and practiced at school and at home.


of children are stressed out by the pandemic and may experience long-term physical and mental health issues. See news reports below.

A Parent Talks | 2:49

Hear a parent’s real experience with bringing SEL into the home.
More resources for parents.

Classroom Evidence| 3:35

Examples of Social-Emotional Learning and character development.
More evidence for SEL

A Business Leader on need for Social-Emotional Learning | 6:20

Ronnie Selinger, CEO, Nordis Technologies, talks about the business and organizational need and quest for SEL-trained graduates. Read more.

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the real test of social-emotional learning takes place outside the classroom.

Students participating in EQ-centric coursework benefit from higher test scores and greater life success. See the neuroscience of EQ and five lifelong benefits. Also, find out what you can do to bring higher EQ into your life and family and help others do so. 

in the media.


"I am happy to endorse the campaign because this is something we've needed for a long time."

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

equip our kids for a brighter future.

As a non-profit project of the Earthways Foundation, we are dedicated to educating the country about the life-enhancing benefits of EQ. We curate for families the best, mostly free, at-home learning resources from respected providers and tirelessly advocate to get SEL into 100% of preschool, primary, and secondary schools. Come ally with us.

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