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We're overdue to teach all kids

Emotional Intelligence skills -

their absolute best shot for

happy, successful lives.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ like IQ) derives from teachable skills that empower children to manage their inner dynamics, relationships and lives in healthy, productive, caring ways. Taught in schools, it's mosty called Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and delivers a remarkable upgrade in school and life outcomes.

Absent these skills, humans have inflicted endless pain on themselves and others throughout history and continue doing so relentlessly in small and large ways. Teach it everywhere, and we'll get generations healed of most dysfunction, emotional pain, conflict and insanity. It's that big a deal.

it's almost a crime not to teach the skills children - and many adults - most urgently need to:

See Display: Before and After EQ  

A super common response from adults who learn about SEL is:

“I wish had learned that when I was in school.”‘ 

for parents.

Help your kids succeed in every aspect of life by making sure SEL is taught by  their schools – in-person or online – and  learned from your kids as you can.

why EQ?

EQ and SEL have the potential to transform society by fostering better communication, routinely supportive relationships, and healthier daily habits.

for businesses.

With nearly 90% of high performance deriving from EQ, not IQ,* promoting SEL for pre-K-12 schools (as you did for STEM) will deliver even more upside.

parent alert: every kid's core curriculum should start with their core.

Though far more important than math, science and history, Social-Emotional Learning is only taught comprehensively in an estimated 10-15% of U.S. schools. Yet SEL creates dramatic improvements in grades and in student emotional states, and equally notable declines in bullying, racism, substance abuse, discipline incidents, digital addiction and suicides. 

During this time of severe child and parent duress, children even more need SEL’s ability to transform mindsets and behaviors for the better so they can be their best selves. This game-changer movement of thousands of educators deserves your support.

We ask you to check out video and text evidence here and then follow our guidance on how to make EQ happen in your schools, family, workplace and community.  It’s a great adventure.


developing EQ is even more vital to heal the pandemic after-effects. we can help.

Covid-19 (and associated restrictions) have dramatically down-graded the mental health of many kids and their parents. There aren’t enough mental health counselors to meet the need. So it’s even more urgent that Social-Emotional Learning be taught and practiced at school and at home.


of children were stressed out by the pandemic and may experience long-term mental and physical health issues. SEL in schools will make a big difference. See news reports below. Also see  The neuroscience of EQ 

A Parent Talks | 2:49

Hear a parent’s real experience with bringing SEL into the home.
More resources for parents.

Classroom Evidence| 3:35

Examples of Social-Emotional Learning and character development.
More video evidence for SEL
. Also see Full class trainings.   


A Business Leader on need for Social-Emotional Learning | 6:20

Ronnie Selinger, CEO, Nordis Technologies, talks about the business and organizational need for and gain  from SEL-trained graduates. Read more.

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the real challenge to get emotion intelligence skills to our kids is one you can help with pretty easily

An estimated 90% of you parents and even more of the public don’t know this learning even exists, thus aren’t calling for it from your schools and legislatures despite SEL’s exceptional 35-year evidence-based history. See five lifelong benefits. So parent and public awareness are crucial. 

Even if you simply informed parents you know and share elements of this website on social media, you’d be helping. Employers can play a major role by informing parenting staff. Major companies can popularize SEL with their marketing as they did for STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and math) and reap the benefits of public appreciation and better workforces. 

Here’s our full guide to how anyone can help:

in the media.


"I am happy to endorse the campaign because this is something we've needed for a long time."

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

equip our kids for a brighter human future.

As a non-profit project of the Earthways Foundation, we are dedicated to educating the country about the life-enhancing benefits of EQ for individuals and society. We tirelessly advocate to get SEL into 100% of preschools through high schools, and for families wcurate the best, mostly free at-home learning resources from respected providers. We are not providers ourselves. Ally with us! See opportunities below.

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our top infographics.

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