here’s an experience of different age groups
learning EQ skills.

The videos shown here were made by the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign to meet a public interest in experiencing exactly how social-emotional learning  is being taught. As with good teachers anywhere, presentation style and the pacing of lesson themes will vary from class to class as teachers adjust to the needs of students. That noted, these videos are good representations of some of the elements  (by no means all of the elements) that comprise comprehensive EQ learning.

an SEL class on anger.

Identifying and addressing emotions in ourselves and others is a key skill of emotional intelligence.

middle school SEL class.

Middle school can be a time of big emotions. Social-emotional learning gives kids to handle new emotions.

SEL for multiple grade levels.

There’s no age too early or too old for social-emotional learning.

SEL class on responsibility.

Being responsible for ourselves and to others is a crucial skill for teamwork, collaboration, and conflict resolution.