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EQuip Our Kids! was launched by successful business and education leaders out of our evidence-based belief that almost all human dysfunction and pain-causing mindsets and behavior are based on a lack of learnable skills in dealing with our own inner dynamic (thoughts and feelings) as well as our relationships with others in a healthy, creative, productive and caring manner. 

We have found there is a real thirst for these skills once people understand they can be learned – and that parents especially desire them for their children (and adults almost always say “I wish I had been taught these skills when I was in school”). They increase our collective mental health, dramatically reduce human conflict and abuse, and can dispel many of the societal ills with which we are so familiar.

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A Guide to EQ & SEL

What is EQ? How does SEL benefit our children? Learn all about them in our new infographic: A Guide to EQ and SEL!


EQuip Our Kids and Watch Them Transform

Schools can tap into many evidence-proven learnings and practices that, comprehensively applied, can change a child or youth for the better. 

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Before and After Emotional Intelligence

The change can be amazing when you build your Emotional Intelligence.