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And help your children or many more of our country’s children get equipped with the advantage of absolutely key life skills to thrive today and make tomorrow seriously better.
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an invitation to you, the heroic caring parent or concerned citizen, to donate in order to transform these realities.


As a parent there is a need to identify and overcome any disadvantages your children are experiencing. 

One way to be an awesome parent is to be sure your children and those they grow up with are taught the emotional intelligence and life skills they need to ease mental and emotional health issues and gain a range of  winning advantages. They then can manifest happy, healthy. successful lives together despite the challenges of modern life. 

Emotional and social skills, research shows, are crucial difference makers. These are skills that allow children – individually and together – to deal confidently with accelerating disadvantages and with these trauma-causing realities.  

  • Aggravated by psychological and emotional damage from Covid confinements affecting 50% of kids, youth suicide, anxiety and depression rates are at record levels not experienced by your generation.
  • Dealing with school shootings, survival drills, awful amounts of online bullying and shaming, and ongoing verbal and physical assaults on gay kids. Plus tremendous pressures to succeed.
  • Fentanyl and other high levels of substance and alcohol abuse. 

Along with the US Surgeon General and major child psychiatry and school counselor groups, we support the education reform that embraces emotional intelligence learning and a variety of other life skills training,. This includies skills to create strong relationships and communities. It is best known to educators as Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) – a crisis healer and preventative. 

The statistics from PreK to 12 dramatically support SEL’s  remarkable effectiveness in reversing youth disadvantages, pains and conflicts – creating in their place healthy learning environments that spawn highly competent youngsters (see video) and great outcomes academically and in youth wellbeing, mental health and later life success that benefits all of society.

how we and you can provably make a difference.

As a parent or citizen, you can help this generation of American children and youth (including your own and those you know) rise above the disadvantages and traumas of current life. If you are a prosperous parent (or nonparent), consider donating $2000 to make a difference. Ideally, others of you will donate whatever is a comfortable amount for you. 

Watch the video here to see the exceptional difference you will be providing. $2000 will get one kid a tutor for a year or will open the doors to get 200 kids the skills that will make a huge difference in their lives and families – and in our workplaces, communities and our country.

If all of us do nothing to counter the forces that disadvantage many millions of kids, it will just get worse. How we get out of this quagmire is critical. Providing our children and youths with these skills is a proven solution. 

Your support also helps ensure that many more kids from this generation won’t replicate, individually and collectively, the endless pains and mistakes of history that resulted from low EQ. 

Donations fund our important combined media production, ads, PR,  and direct mobilization of parents, students, businesses and sector leaders to support this learning. Our work  has materially helped drive parent awareness of SEL from 5% five years ago to 75%  

Donations also provide parents with our free Parent and Children Emotional Health Toolkit and newsletter along with webinars from our parenting expert Speakers Bureau. New donations will help us finalize a streaming service for parents that showcases SEL practices they can use at home. 

We also provide free media production and other services to 27 SEL-supporting educator grassroots organizations and help develop new support groups around the country. Among successes, we created the California SEL Alliance now with 3,500 educator members making a difference in the state. 

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Earthways tax-exempt number is 95-4021351.

EQuip Our Kids! was started by four business leaders with a history of philanthropy targeted at youth development and who support SEL for its remarkable benefits to children, schools, economic development and community uplift. None of the founders or current strategic board members have investments in SEL education programs.

We do not create nor sell our own EQ or SEL learning tools and programs – a great number of small businesses and nonprofits independent of us do. They largely operate without the capacity to inform and engage parents and the public. Our pro-bono work supports their and SEL educator’s need for public awareness and grassroots support.

The EQuip Our Kids! Campaign is a non-profit project of the EarthWays Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization which has  been supporting good causes since 1986. Donations made via this site or our Facebook page are coded to go solely to the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign. Scroll down to see where to send checks.