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Our works has helped large numbers of American children gain the crucial personal life skills needed to flourish in school and out today and in their adult lives. Every dollar donated assists members of this young generation to rise above the serious challenges and traumas of child and youth life, preparing them to go on to raise the quality of society’s future in inspired ways, passing the benefits forward to our communities.
Every donation helps us drive demand for these life skills and for obtaining school district funding to bring this remarkable uplift to more kids. Now we have added helping get this learning into homes as well as all schools, including by soon launching a parenting streaming video service. We have low overhead and maximum impact.  
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parents (and everyone): help transform these realities.

As a parent it’s natural to identify and seek to overcome any disadvantages your children are experiencing.  

Emotional and social skills, research shows, are crucial difference makers for raising school performance and diminishing negative mindsets and behaviors. They allow children, individually and together, to deal confidently and successfully with schools and life challenges and with disadvantaging or trauma-causing realities that have raised youth suicides, anxiety and depression rates to record levels. 

One way to be an awesome parent is to be sure your children .and those they grow up with are taught the life skills to optimize mental and emotional health and create healthy relationships and a range of winning advantages. 

They then can manifest happy, successful lives together despite familiar-to-parents serious stressors in current youth life, including tremendous pressures to succeed. Add in online shaming and bullying, digital addition, school shootings and survival drills, and high levels of substance and alcohol abuse starting in early teens.

Along with the U.S. Surgeon General and national child psychiatry and school counseling associations, we advocate for all PreK-12 education to embrace Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum because it is a crisis healer and preventative. 

See video on this page and many school-uplift videos here. 

what we do to help make an amazing difference.

The world is full of drama, violence and disturbed relationships. To prepare children to deal with that in healthy ways, is a gift to every child and to society.

To prepare them to transform that reality on a collective level, is the height of the education that can be imparted to them.

We invite you to invest in a future in which all kids have the skills to navigate life, to excel and flourish, and, owing to these skills, be able to create a saner, safer, more prosperous world we want to live in – rather than continue the endless pains, violence and mistakes of history resulting from populations without this mindset and skills. 

We drive demand for and action on implementing personal life skills learning – and for school district funding for it. We’ve played a significant role in raising parent awareness and support of SEL from 5% five years ago to 75%, thereby helping millions of kids. Your donation helps us reach out goal of helping ensure this learning is available in every U.S. pre-K12 school by 2030. 

Our important services include the advocacy media production, advertising and PR we conduct to parents and students, to the general population, and to key sector leaders and influencers. Plus pro-bono media services we provide to 25 SEL-supporting educator grassroots organizations with which we collaborate.

New donations will also help us launch a video streaming service for parents this year that showcases EQ/SEL practices they or you can use at home.  .

To complement our advocacy help to this education movement, we also founded the California SEL Alliance, now with 4,600 educator members making a difference getting the learning into state schools. We help seed other such alliances in states that lack them – and we are now working to catalyze significant donations to expand these effective organizations.
Donations also provide parents with our free Parent and Children Emotional Health Toolkit and newsletter along with webinars from our parenting expert Speaker Bureau. 


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about our founders.

EQuip Our Kids! was started by four business leaders with a history of philanthropy targeted at youth development and who support SEL for its remarkable benefits to children, schools, economic development and community uplift. None of the founders or current strategic board members have investments in SEL education programs.

We do not create nor sell our own EQ or SEL learning tools and programs – a great number of small businesses and nonprofits independent of us do. These organizations largely operate without a significant capacity to inform and engage parents and the public. Our pro-bono work supports their and SEL educators need for public awareness and grassroots support.

The EQuip Our Kids! Campaign is a non-profit project of the EarthWays Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization which has  been supporting good causes since 1986. Donations made via this site or our social media pages are coded to go solely to the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign.