Virtually every facet of a child’s life into adulthood – and humanity itself – will be positively and lovingly affected by gaining Emotional Intelligence through universal training in the life skills parents desire for their kids and which most educators call Social-Emotional Learning.

Donate to get EQ learning to the children of America.

Give a one-time or monthly gift to help elevate children's life skills and wellbeing - and to help ease their Covid-related mental health issues.

When you give, you have the option of making your donation a monthly gift. Even $10 or $20 a month makes a difference.

The EQuip Our Kids! Campaign is a non-profit organization operating under the fiscal and financial reporting umbrella of the EarthWays Foundation, a 501C3 non-profit organization which has  been supporting good causes since 1997. Donations made via this site or our Facebook page are coded to go solely to the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign. Scroll down to see where to send checks. Earthways tax-exempt number is 95-4021351

the big picture.

Every tax-deductible dollar you donate speeds along extending comprehensive Emotional Intelligence (EQ) life skills learning to  more kids, not just the 25% that currently benefit, leaving 40 million students without quality EQ skills. Increasing SEL implementation by just 1% means nearly 400,000 more kids have these tools. Even 1% makes a huge difference. 

Your support also helps ensure that more kids from this generation don’t replicate, individually and collectively, the pains and mistakes of history that resulted from low EQ. 

Donations primarily support the direct mobilization of parents and businesses to provide this learning and, secondly, the help we provide the SEL-promoting educator members of the Social and Emotional Learning Alliance For The U.S, comprised of 20 state SEL Alliances with more than 14,000 members.

donate to help us...

  • Continue our social media and ad campaign targeting parent mobilization.
  • Promote and deliver our free Parent and Children Emotional Health Toolkit along with relevant information about at-home and in-school SEL training.
  • Promote major companies to support this crucial learning as effectively as they have STEM learning in all schools.
  • Promote major foundations to support the SEL movement locally and nationally.
  • Provide media resources to SEL educational organizations.

about check donations and our founders.

Donations of any size can also be made by check.  Make any  check payable to  

Earthways / EQuip Our Kids!
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EQuip Our Kids! was started by four business leaders with a history of philanthropy targeted at youth development and who support SEL for its remarkable benefits to children, schools, economic development and community uplift. None of the founders or current strategic board members have investments in SEL education programs.  

We do not create nor sell our own EQ or SEL learning tools and programs – a great number of small businesses and nonprofits independent of us do. They largely operate without the capacity to inform and engage parents and the public. Our pro-bono work supports their and SEL educator’s need for public awareness and grassroots support.