EQuip Our Kids!
Speaker Bureau

EQuip Our Kids! promotes Emotional Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning for all PreK – 12 students and families in the US. One way we do that is through our speaker bureau of national experts.

And because we’re a nonprofit, we’re able to offer lower fees and many free engagements when helpful in service of our mission. 

Because Emotional Intelligence impacts every individual and organization, our speakers are a valuable and engaging addition to any TV or radio show, podcast, or event.

our featured speakers.

Scarlett Lewis2 500p round
Chief Movement Officer,
Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. Author of three books. Sandy Hook parent.

Parenting Author. Founder, Confident Parents, Confident Kids. Co-founder, SEL4OH.

Parent coach. Coauthor of Brain Stages: How to Raise Smart, Confident Kids and Have Fun Doing It.

Director, Rutgers Social-Emotional and Character Development Lab

Author & Founder, HEART in Mind. Faculty, Columbia University Teachers College.

Founder, Conscious Parent Revolution. 3x TEDx Speaker. Author.
Educational and parenting consultant and trainer.

Goleman EI Emotional Intelligence Certified Coach. Organizational culture consultant. Workplace strategist.

ACE Resource Network, Community Engagement and Learning
Clinical psychologist.
Founder, Community Circle LA. Certified SEL leader and former classroom teacher.
Clinical psychologist. Founder of Integrated SEL.
Former Editor & Director of Marketing, EQuip Our Kids!
Founder, EQuip Our Kids! and SEL4CA. Founder and former Editor and President, LA Weekly.


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