Brand Your Company as Supporting the

Most Positive Vision of Human Possibilities

Brand Your Company

as Supporting the Most

Positive Vision of Human Possibilities

Let's us help put your best foot forward.

We know that you have myriad choices for how to best invest your company’s branding, promotion, organizational development, and philanthropic spending. Allow us to explain why we believe we can take these efforts to greater success.

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Social branding that associates companies with a good cause has become a necessity in the modern marketplace, especially if your company wants to attract Millennials.

So, we have to ask:

  • What’s your cause branding strategy if you have one?
  • Is it a home run?
  • Does it also bring you better employees and a happier workplace as well as branding recognition and sales?

If you have not engaged yet in cause branding, let us make the case to you about the power and benefits of aligning with our mission. If you already are engaged with a cause, in most cases we can specifically show how simultaneously furthering the remarkable EQ Revolution will also help that cause. That’s because low EQ is what produces so much personal and societal pain and dysfunction.

What’s more, aligning with the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign positions your company as one that cares about employees and their families, customers, your communities, and the world. 

Increasingly, both buyers and workers seek to associate themselves with exactly these sorts of companies. 

Companies now compete for high EQ employees. Declaring your company as working to raise the emotional intelligence of youth and adults is likely to attract high EQ talent.


of consumers choose, switch, avoid, or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal issues.


of consumers believe that companies should take a stand for social issues.


of Millennials and 53% of workers overall want to work with companies that support causes that make a difference.

A Huge Winner for Cause Branding

Education is the most popular issue in corporate cause marketing. 

With us, you get to boast about raising EQ which then raises academic performance and the the chances of life success of American youths while greatly diminishing the toxic and stress-related elements that beset our schools – the bullying, violence, drug and alcohol use, depression, anxiety, suicides, disengagement, dropout rate, and digital addiction.  

Indeed, virtually every facet of a child’s life into adulthood  – and humanity itself – will be positively and lovingly affected by universal adoption of emotional and social intelligence learning.  

That’s already a lot of talking points. Research also shows that raising emotional intelligence on a mass scale will dramatically reduce the personal and societal pain that claims so much of people’s taxes and donations. Supporting higher EQ is the mission that transforms the mindset and behavior that creates so many other causes.  

Association with EQ Learning would also make your company appealing to everyone’s yearning for an education system – and a healed and wholesome world – that recognizes the profound human desire for healthy relationships at home, at work and in our communities and teaches the skills needed to make this real.

And likely sooner-than-you-expect, superb new potential employees will be graduating out of EQ schools with skills in engagement, collaboration and innovation, among others. 

What We Bring to Your Table


Our team includes nationally recognized leaders in social emotional learning and emotional intelligence.

Our network extends to high-quality, experienced providers of SEL training and products for schools, companies, and families.

We deliver EQ knowledge and experience that makes a measurable difference for our partners.


Many of us at Big EQ come from successful business careers in media, publishing, technology, and healthcare.

We understand how to succeed in business and how to make an impact in the world.

Our real-world experience, knowledge, and skills delivers measurable results for our partners.


We are a nonprofit. While we know that we need resources to make an impact, we’re not in it for the money.

That means we are very focused on the success of our mission and that of the partners who join us.

Unencumbered by short-term profit motives or conflicts of interest, we’re good at making the right choice for long-term success.


We are not allied with nor promote any specific EQ program, theory, vendor, or approach to emotional intelligence and social emotional learning. 

We are non-partisan politically and seek allies on both sides of the aisle. 

We take no sides regarding public,private or charter schools. We want EQ training in EVERY school. 



Think of partnering with us as God, mom and apple pie rolled into one social branding cause that boosts your brand reputation and sales today and builds the foundation for a bright tomorrow.

Qualities of Ready-to-Work High School and College Graduates

  • Able to recognize and control their emotions
  • Understand and show empathy for others
  • Willing to give full effort to their work
  • Exhibit active listening and effective mature communication skills
  • Are problem-solvers and adept at good decisions
  • Collaborate  well with others as a team member
  • Show leadership skills and have a positive attitude
  • Adept at conflict resolution, critical thinking and creativity
  • Understand and accept cross-cultural differences
  • Deliver the performance your business needs

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