What Great Stuff Happens If You Add Emotional Intelligence to Tech Teams and Companies?

Join enlightening discussions on best practices
from both Senior Tech Managers and EQ Leaders.

November 19, 2020
10 a.m. Pacific / I p.m. Eastern


Keith Montgomery

Principal and Vice Chairman, Cyberoi Inc.


Nichol Bradford

Executive Director and Co-founder Trans Tech Lab; CEO and Founder Willow Group, Inc.


Co-founder – Heartfelt Leadership, Author

Technology teams and companies are still only as good as the talented people who work together effectively to envision, deliver and support the solutions that customers want. But, managing engineers and techies and their ways in the world has always been a major challenge.

And now, it’s even harder as people  work from home, cut off from teammates and maybe dealing with disruptive kids. 

Join the discussion as Nichol Bradford and Dr. Mark Goulston explore the special leadership skills to building and retaining effective tech teams. The good news is those skills can be learned.