youth advisory board.

We seek out diverse and passionate voices to guide our efforts to bring crucial social and emotional skills to all US students.


Livi Redden, 22, of San Diego, CA., is chair of our Youth Advisory Board. She’s the author of  ‘The Sooner You Know, The Better,’ hosts the podcast ‘Today is the Future’ with listeners in 100+ countries, and impacts millions across social media platforms. See her youth-oriented Tik Tok offerings


Tanish  Ramchandani, 16, is currently a junior at San Francisco’s Lick-Wilmerding High School. Outside of school and serving on the Youth Advisory Board, he enjoys sports, technology and art.


Maxim Sokolov, 21,  is a freelance UX/UI/Visual Designer and Co-Founder of a TEDx Talks chapter in Bayonne, NJ. Maxim loves designing experiences that people love through observation, analysis and creative thinking.


Rafaella Thorssen, 21, is co-founder and chief creative officer at Vlogmi, a social media platform based entirely around authenticity. She is in charge of managing the design team, UI/UX, and Vlogmi’s internship program.


Molly Mandelbrot, 19, is an undergraduate at UCLA studying psychology. She is involved with Active Minds and Hillel at UCLA and loves to work out and dance in her free time.