social-emotional learning life skills work.

for parents school is more than grades

for parents -
school is more than grades.

A recent survey found that parents across the spectrum want their kids taught the specific personal life skills SEL provides to prepare them for future success and to deal with stress. At home, families can share practices and tools that teach AND uplift moods. 

for businesses -
SEL protects your future.

SEL boosts workplaces. Our board member Ronnie Selinger, CEO, Nordis Technologies, makes the case for helping your employees’ kids now and to insure quality future hires. U.S. businesses invested at least $1.2 billion promoting STEM education. SEL, he shows, will pay even bigger dividends. 

prominent voices.

"I have learned in my schools that social-emotional learning is what really matters."

"Social-Emotional Learning has the skills that we find make people successful over the long haul."

Laura Bush

"The programs nurture a child's social and emotional health and their academic skills."

"It it important to pay attention to emotional intelligence...We want to explode that conversation to all over the world."

"Congratulations on the Campaign. You are engaged in a truly important endeavor and can touch many lives.”