SEL for Your Kids: Start Where You Are

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Between the pandemic, racial reckonings, inflation, natural disasters, the opioid crisis, and now job layoffs, recent years have been hard on families. Due to the existing inequities in American life, these hard times fall especially hard on many low-income communities, communities of color, recent immigrants, and other groups.

And kids. Adverse childhood conditions like toxic stress and deprivation can follow kids throughout their lives. The current youth mental health crisis certainly falls into this category. For example, a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control finds that teens are experiencing increased mental health challenges, violence, and suicidal thoughts.

SEL Equips All Kids

We know that Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is proven to equip kids with the personal and interpersonal skills that they need to succeed in school, career, relationships, and life. Research supports many proven benefits from SEL, such as

  • Higher student engagement, grades, and graduation rates.
  • Improved student happiness with lower rates of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and suicide
  • Better mental and physical wellness
  • Improved interpersonal relations

Large majorities of parents say that their child’s happiness and good character are important to them and thus they support schools teaching SEL-related skills.

The key question is whether SEL is accessible enough to counter the challenges confronting every family today. Families and schools with more resources may be more likely to implement SEL practices in homes and classrooms. But what about those with more stressors and fewer resources?

Join Us to Learn More

Many people confronting a challenge or struggle know that they can start where they are, with what they have. Incorporating SEL into home and school is no different. There are many high quality, free and easy resources now available. 

On March 9, as part of SEL Day, EQuip Our Kids! is hosting a panel of SEL experts who are also parents. They’ll discuss SEL’s ability to address all types of families and their challenges. All parents are welcome to come learn how to build your social emotional intelligence and that of your kids’ to face any challenge.

You can register today for this free event.

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