Among the 52 million Google links to Social and Emotional Learning are innumerable articles and websites largely unknown to the public, including unknown to almost all parents.  Listed here are some selected resources for newcomers to the subject of fostering emotional intelligence along with relational and empathetic communication skills. (program ratings, articles, research, guides) (articles, blogs, and information) – (self-help tools for mental, emotional and social health) – (articles, blogs and information) – (blogs and information about learning) – (overview of academic improvement and SEL) – The Massachusetts Social-Emotional Learning Alliance has had considerable success in advancing SEL in their state and offers practical information about SEL and a model for how to advocate for it in your state.

Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning  – (focused on SEL for children from birth to age 5) (Research lab on SEL )  (Research and Practice  Schools devoted to cultivating Emotional Intelligence)