Dr. Reigna

Clinical psychologist.

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning
  • The Neuroscience of Social-Emotional Learning
  • Equity, Social Justice, and Social-Emotional Learning
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Dr. Reigna El-Yashruti is a clinical psychologist based in the Boston area. Her work experience and bi-cultural background have led to her fundamental belief that a person’s identity and understanding of how they fit within their system is a core component of their growth.

At its core, Dr. El-Yashruti’s approach is affirming, nonjudgmental, and tailored to a person’s needs and wants.

In August 2020, shortly after the largest non-nuclear explosion destroyed a large portion of Beirut, Lebanon, Dr. El-Yashruti held a virtual speaking engagement with Unilever Levant S.A.L. to support employees through education about common post-traumatic reactions, tools to promote well-being, and resources that could provide therapeutic interventions.

Dr. El-Yashruti believes that the ability to make intentional, informed decisions comes from a place of knowledge and appreciation for both rational and emotional sources of information, which are best understood in the context of our environment. To encourage this growth, she relies on the fundamental principles of CBT and DBT—that a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions influence one another, and that our environment inevitably shapes how we behave, think, and feel.

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