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The Don’t Get Me Started! Toolkit

The Don’t Get Me Started! Toolkit



We need a new model for etiquette to keep our public-behavior-wheels turning smoothly. Without it, daily life will continue to be a mine-field where people stumble culturally– creating the impression that they are ‘culturally clueless’. This toolkit offers skills for masterfully assessing and responding to the many challenging situations you may encounter in this rapidly changing world.

Whether kids or adults are playing games online, using a ‘gender-free’ restroom, sharing a picture on Facebook, conversing with friends in a café, applying in person for a new job, or hosting an intergenerational event – being able to determine how the rules have changed and acting in an appropriate manner assures more successful outcomes. Being culturally clueless may not land you in jail…but it could very well make you less successful at school and work, less admired among your peers, and less respected within your family.

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