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Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning

Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning

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Bonnie Lathram, Carri Schneider, and Tom Vander Ark

By parents, for parents. That is what makes Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning different from most parenting books.

Drawing on personal parenting stories and expert advice from more than 60 contributors, this guide will leave you with ideas you can put into action immediately. The ways in which we all learn is changing at lightning speed, and we are just beginning to understand what this all means for students coming of age in the Digital Era—and for the parents helping them to navigate the way.

With advice on everything from selecting preschools to accessing educational apps, this is the resource for parents who want to get involved in the ways their kids learn, stay informed about all the ways kids can learn inside and outside of school, prove inspirational in their modeling of lifelong learning, and remain intentional in their decision-making. If you want to better grasp what it means to educate a child in ways that are engaging, empowering and attuned to his or her unique needs, look no further. This book brightly leads the way to creating and advocating for powerful, student-centered learning experiences.

All profits support informing  and activating parents and schools to embrace EQ learning.

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