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More than 80 percent of parents support education that helps kids set and achieve goals, approach challenges in a positive way, believe in themselves, and make ethical choices. 

Sadly, only 25 percent of schools provide a curriculum that comprehensively addresses these skills. 

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SEL Day Events

SEL for
EVERY Family

March 8, 2024


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is proven to equip kids with the personal and interpersonal skills that they need to succeed in school, career, relationships, and life. Each year thousands of educators gather to provide information and opportunities for parents and students to discover more about SEL and the folks who make it happen. 

In observance of SEL Day 2024, our webinar panel of students will discuss SEL’s abilities to address many types of child and student challenges. Separately, parents are welcome to come learn on webinars from parenting experts presented by our affiliated organizations how to build your own social emotional intelligence and that of your kids and thus better manage many challenge. 

Here is a link to our 2023 SEL Day parenting webinar featuring the individuals below. 

And here is a link to our more extensive 2022 SEL Day parenting webinar. 

Dr. Gwen Bass–Educational and parenting consultant and trainer, and parent.

Dr. Lorea Martínez–Faculty, Columbia University Teachers College; Founder, HEART in Mind; and parent.

Michael Eatman–Executive Coach, Inclusion Strategist, founder of Culture7 Coaching, and parent.

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We’re building a student-led movement for better well-being today that leads to more success tomorrow. Think your kid might be interested?

Parents are a child’s lifelong teacher, especially for social and emotional skills. Schools can work alongside parents so that social and emotional learning continues throughout the school day, which is where preK – 12 students experience the majority of their social interactions. 

Learn more about power and benefits of building your child’s social and emotional life skills.

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