a game-changing human opportunity.

and potentially a heart-based way to make a mass difference.

positive EQ effects include:

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why these life skills are likely the best and cheapest tool for personal and societal uplift on an historic scale.

We need to transform the ways of thinking and the behaviors that lead to many mental and physical problems, relationship pain, social injustice, structural poverty, racism, classicism, crime, hate and violence, rip-offs and other exploitations – and to an array of other anti-social and dangerous behaviors. Including the mindsets that have created the ecological crisis and the reality of nuclear weapons pointed at our heads.
Long-trail research indicates that universally applied SEL instruction has the potential to elevate child and youth healthy development along with human affairs as a whole – in the form of better relationships all around, less conflict, and more productive and healthier individuals, workplaces, institutions, and communities.  
This includes extensive potential benefits to the economy from a far higher performing and more creative workforce, entrepreneurship growth and lower medical and mental health costs. With the possibility of lower taxes from savings on many other social costs and on criminal justice/policing.
Equip Your Kids For Success! NEW

happiness can be taught.

One critical factor about EQ life skills is that they can be taught – and taught at the earliest years of a child’s development, as well as over the course of life. Teaching these skills in their broadest sense tends to open the door to child and youth personal empowerment (educators and psychologists tend to call it “agency”) and to other educational and societal improvements.

Moreover, whenever developing such skills is prioritized from pre-school through high school, the positive effects on teachers, staff and on overall school culture and climate – as well as on student happiness and success – can be extraordinary. 

Properly implemented, SEL programs are also cost-effective, saving $11 per student in other expenditures, according to a study undertaken by a team at Columbia University, and $15.66 per student according to a study of one particular program by the Washington State Institute of Public Policy.


enter the EQuip Our Kids! campaign.

We seek to mobilize parents of school-age children, businesses, organizations and the general American public to insist that every school prioritize this life skills learning in their school days.

We want all schools to be supportive, joyful learning environments dedicated to helping the whole child succeed in all aspects of life – to the benefit of children, teens, school outcomes, families communities, adults, workplaces and  the economy and quality of life as a whole.

testimony: Christian.

“I like it because it really helps the people in a classroom calm down and stop all the bullying. It really helped because a lot of bullying has stopped in the school.”