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Help Us Ensure That

Growing Up Is
More Than Grades

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the biggest part of success in school, career, relationships, and life.

Getting good grades is just one part of growing up smart and wise. 

At EQuip Our Kids!, we work so that every kid can grow their Emotional Intelligence through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). 

And we want you to join us.

For Students

Learning includes how to relate more effectively plus develop emotionally and mentally & become more confident and capable in all of life’s situations.

For Parents

For kids’ best shot to succeed in every aspect of life, make sure these skills are taught by their schools – and ideally practiced at home. 
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For Businesses

There are 54 million parneting households in the U.S., likely including your employees. Promote EQ and SEL and show your committment to the life success of their children and communities.

What Is EQ and SEL?

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, consists of several groups of crucial emotional life skills. These teachable skills include

Social and Emotional Learning, or SEL, is how these life skills are taught in school.

Why are EQ and SEL important for kids and schools?

Teaching Social and Emotional Learning in schools creates a fun, safe, and healthy learning environment where all students thrive academically and in personal growth and happiness. 

That’s not just our opinion–we’ll show you the research from Harvard, Google, American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institution, and many more.

Why are EQ and SEL important for adults?

According to the National Network of Business and Industry Associations, employable skills that everyone should possess include

Schools today focus heavily on applied knowledge, even though it accounts for just a quarter of the skills employers desire. The other three quarters? Those are EQ skills that are taught through SEL curriculum. 

And according to the Harvard Business Review, nearly 90% of success in work can be attributed to EQ rather than applied knowledge. 

EQ also leads to success outside of work, in relationships, parenting, and community life. 

Don't schools already teach Social and Emotional Learning?

Today, barely 25% of schools offer a comprehensive approach to Social and Emotional Learning. 

But, more than 80% of parents support education that grows their child’s Emotional Intelligence. 

Parents work everyday as best they know how to increase their kids’ life skills, and nearly all of them want schools to help in this vital process.

EQuip Our Kids! is a national nonprofit campaign raising needed awareness about and support for EQ life skills – especially among parents and businesses.

Our goal is comprehensive EQ life skills instruction in every U.S. preK – 12 classroom by 2030.

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