Katherine Sellery

Founder, Conscious Parent Revolution. 3x TEDx Speaker. Author.

  • Parenting and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Kids’ Stress, Mental Health, and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Understanding the 3 Rs: Retaliation, Rebellion, and Resistance
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Katherine Winter-Sellery is one of the creators of the Guidance Approach to Parenting, a program that applies conflict resolution skills to communicating more effectively with children.

Through her popular workshops, TEDx talks, and her book, she has taught thousands of parents (and educators, social workers, medical professionals, and anyone else needing to converse with 5-year-olds to 95-year-old children) in a half dozen countries and cultures. Her aim is to minimize misunderstandings and melt-downs and communicate with more collaboration, cooperation, and consideration.

Her methods have positively influenced relationships for generations and brought about healing and reconciliation in families that were suffering from disconnection.

In 2019, Katherine organized and chaired the National Summit on Mental Health and Mental Fitness, (sponsored by the International Association for Human Values).

Katherine is also a trained mediator, attended Law School, has certifications in different trauma models (Matrix Reimprinting, Emotional Freedom Technique), and teaches a breathing meditation modality with the Art of Living Foundation. She holds a B.A. from the University of Denver, and alongside becoming a mother, a mental health and parenting advocate, and an expert, she also owned and ran her own commodities-trading business in Hong Kong for 30 years.

Passionately committed to healing intergenerational dysfunction, Katherine has recently launched a 90 Day Parenting Reset Mastermind. It is for anyone who is committed to creating transformation in their family.

latest book.

Your Parenting Problems Solved in One Easy Read.
If you feel like you and your child are just not hearing each other, your communication is probably breaking down. In 7 Strategies to Keep Your Relationship with Your Kids from Hitting the Boiling Point, you’ll learn:

– How to keep your cool when tempers are running hot

– A 3-step method to encourage open and effective communication between you and your kids

– To create habits that instill empathy, self-awareness, and problem-solving in your children

This book will help you and your child open up communication around issues that matter. And it will ensure that your kid knows no matter what happens, you’re always on their side.

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