Helping Kids Live Their Best Lives through Emotional Intelligence & Personal Skills

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Over five years we helped raise parent awareness

of EQ skills learning from 5% to 75%. 

We’re a national nonprofit campaign dedicated to raising awareness and support for EQ and personal life skills learning among parents and the public.

Backed by years of evidence, we believe it’s the fastest path to positive outcomes for students, families, schools, the workforce, and communities. Often referred to as Social Emotional Learning (SEL) by educators, these skills are essential for navigating relationships and managing life effectively.

How it benefits:


  • Set goals and take initiative
  • Manage and ease difficult emotions
  • Believe in themselves & their abilities


  • Better grades and graduation rates
  • Facilitate safer and happier communities
  • Lessen the need for disciplinary action


  • More productive workforce
  • More mentally healthy people
  • Less poverty, crime, and violence

SEL in Action

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When kids learn about emotional intelligence (EQ) from preK to 12, it helps them turn tough times into success, fostering caring, high achieving, and high character individuals.

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Amidst the challenges of Covid lockdowns, many parents seek the results in this video. Whether you’re a parent or not, your support can make a difference in uplifting all children.

America’s youth deserve a significant boost – one that’s SMART, enjoyable, and proven effective!

According to the U.S. Surgeon General, millions of American children facing mental health challenges need support through heart-centered emotional intelligence (EQ) and life management skills.
These skills greatly benefit all students, promoting well-being, reducing harmful behaviors, and aiding Covid-affected learning recovery.

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