Dr. Gwen Bass

Educational and parenting consultant and trainer.

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Advocating for Social-Emotional Learning in Schools
  • The Neuroscience of Social-Emotional Learning
  • Kids’ Stress, Mental Health, and Social-Emotional Learning
  • The Research Supporting Social-Emotional Learning
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Florence, Massachusetts

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Gwen Bass focuses on engaging teachers, families and the community of support professionals around children to improve school experiences and long-term outcomes. She uses her research and expertise to enhance opportunities for marginalized students and improve educational access and outcomes for children with learning differences.

Dedicated to training teachers, social workers and parents so they can collaborate to support children in schools, she is particularly interested in serving the most vulnerable children, including youth with disabilities and youth in foster care.

Dr. Bass frequently presents on inclusive classroom practices, measurement and evaluation of social emotional skills in schools, trauma-sensitive teaching, behavior management, child development, child welfare systems, and parent education.

Prior to working in professional and graduate education, Bass spent 10 years in pre-K-12 schools as an early childhood educator, special education teacher and school counselor. 

latest book.

Growing up, I straddled two worlds: at home I lived with my non-traditional family but in the wider world I lived in everyone else’s heteronormative reality. By bridging the gap I was living proof that kids with lesbian parents could turn out okay. 

The disconnect between my personal life and the outside world reaffirmed what I believed: that I was alone in my experience, code-switching in ways my peers couldn’t quite understand. 

When I discovered my biological family, a flurry of new questions about identity and belonging emerged:

  • What happens when we’re born into an identity we didn’t choose?
  • What does biology have to do with belonging?
  • How do we all, in our own ways, suppress unique aspects of our identities in an effort to fit in and secure our safety? 
  • How do we unintentionally harm others by assuming they fit into our view of “normal”? 

In Immaculate Misconception, I ask these questions by looking back at my life story.

(Book on presale now for release Spring 2023)

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