A Guide to EQ & SEL

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It’s no secret that emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning don’t get the exposure that they deserve. It’s all too common to bring up EQ in a parent-teacher conference and be met with blank stares.

To be fair, EQ and SEL aren’t the easiest topics to understand. Emotional intelligence is intangible, and it’s harder to quantify than IQ, the measure of intelligence that everyone knows. It has a shorter history, having first been described in 1990.

In a way, though, the complexity of EQ is exactly why we need to educate the world’s parents and teachers about it. This infographic breaks down emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning so you can understand and spread the word.

Why Learn About EQ?

It’s simple: it pays to develop emotional intelligence, and the earlier, the better. Learning EQ skills gives children the ability to solve social problems, make strong relationships, handle their emotions with grace, and make choices decisively. This sets them up for successful friendships and success in school.

The benefits continue into adulthood, too. Adults with high EQ earn $29,000 more annually than adults with low EQ, and every point of EQ increases that figure by $1,300.

Why Do We Need SEL?

There’s a strong case for social and emotional learning in schools: the practice of educating children in a way that builds EQ, and by proxy, the social life skills that kids need to succeed.

SEL isn’t a strict curriculum. Rather, it’s a basic framework that educators, families, and communities use to nurture their kids’ EQ skills. SEL can take place at home, in the classroom, on field trips, in schools, and at the school district level.

And the benefits are real: children in school districts that use SEL had 11-percent higher academic performance compared to children who weren’t exposed to the framework, according to a 2011 study.

This infographic guide is here to provide all the education you need about both EQ and SEL. Give your child the best chance at a solid start in life. Take a look now; don’t delay!

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