The EQuip Our Kids!

Campaign Game Plan

To promote school-based EQ-raising social-emotional learning, the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign will:

Working at the Grassroots Level

While the Campaign will help educate school  officials and communities about emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning, we also will work closely with grassroots community, education (PTAs for example) and business organizations on coordinated SEL advancement efforts – and will keep followers apprised of relevant information and opportunities to participate.

Where possible, the Campaign will also help very local players form new independent grassroots education and advocacy institutions, as we did with our home state SEL Alliance (, modeled on and now in collaboration with a 17 other state alliances. (See 

Most people when they get into a situation where they feel upset, they’ll just, they’ll get mad, start fighting. But now when they have the second step , they will think about calming down first, and then that’ll stop fights that’s in the school

SAMANTHA Grade 5, Myra Bradwell School Student

A Crucial Emphasis Here:

As with any social movement – and social-emotional learning is becoming one in the academic and non-profit sectors – there are intramural and conceptual disagreements among experts, competing ways to frame and teach EQ and relationship skills, many different competing programs, some turf battles, and resistance to change among established institutions and bureaucracies.

The EQuip Our Kids! campaign will eschew involvement at that level and take no sides in intramural or competitive disputes. Nor will we support any specific training program.

Our mission as a pro bono ally of the movement is to help facilitate buy-in from all stakeholders leading to an immersive social-emotional learning school culture in and out of classrooms. Our intention is to leave it to the plethora of existing SEL organizations, school districts and providers to work through the challenges of identifying the right programs for each student body, and of preparing and training staff for long and short-term success.

The  EQuip Our Kids! Campaign has undertaken market research tests to determine the various terminologies and themes that provides traction for different segments of the population when describing the appeals and benefits of  raising the emotional intelligence of young people with social-emotional learning.

By focusing on the positive effects for children, the Campaign expects to arouse in every parent and in the general public the natural human passion for creating the foundation for healthy minds and spirits in the young, as well as for greatly increasing their potential for successful and happy lives.