Does My Child Have High Emotional Intelligence?

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Emotional intelligence is recognizing one’s own emotions and their consequences, as well as understanding how to communicate and cope with the emotions and behaviors of others. It goes beyond mere empathy and teaches people to establish accountability by observing and critically analyzing their own actions. Emotional intelligence leads to better social relationships, which in turn leads to more rewarding romantic partnerships, professional connections, and family interactions.

If emotional intelligence can do all of this for adults, can you imagine the foundation it can build for children who are taught these skills? Emotional intelligence is built with practice, as well as observation of oneself and then others. People who learn these skills as adults might practice them for decades, but imagine the huge difference it makes to have a head start on building and using these skills by learning them in childhood! But how do we know if our children are emotionally intelligent?

The following quiz can be applied to adults as well as children. Not only will it help you rate your child’s emotional intelligence, but it can also help you identify areas where your child has strengths or weaknesses. As noted, don’t be afraid to apply it to yourself (or have your spouse or other family member rate you) the same way you would rate your child. Emotional intelligence can benefit everyone, but if you develop it in your children, you will give them early access to skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives!

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