90% of business success today comes from EQ rather than IQ.

-- Harvard Business Review

Our Mission: EQ Learning for All

Join our business community to help make emotional and social intelligence curriculum a priority in all our schools and a benefit to your bottom line.

Today only 10% of our schools comprehensively teach EQ skills.
EQuip Our Kids! is on a mission to have 100% offer EQ curriculum by 2030. 

Your coming benefits: higher profits, happier workplaces, healthier communities.

EQ in Business

Emotionally intelligent employees are collaborative, productive, innovative, and loyal.

Yet today, most students receive little or no EQ training before they enter the world of work.

What if proven and sophisticated EQ curriculum was taught from pre-K through high school – or remedially in college – to create a happier and more productive workforce? What if EQ was valued as much as English or STEM science, technology, engineering and math)?

There is one immense gap preventing the mass adoption of emotional learning in all schools:

The lack of public awareness of and therefore demand on schools to implement it.

Nothing would speed universal EQ learning and better workforces than businesses advocating for it, as many do for STEM. 

We need your help to spread the word of the need for and value of EQ learning at our schools – or what most educators more formally call “social-emotional learning” – as an elevator of human behavior, relationships, creativity and productivity. 

We are a national public awareness campaign whose goal is to help a school-and-business-changing education movement mobilize parents–and the business community in particular–to demand this curriculum for both students and teachers from pre-K to 12. 

There are several ways your company or organization – or you as an executive – can get involved. Our team will help. 

Endorse EQuip Our KIds!

Join the  community of corporate endorsers by simply expressing your support for the EQ cause.

We’ll add your brand or company name and logo or your personal name and business title to a growing roster of EQ supporters.

Note:  By itself, your expression of support for EQ training for kids is immensely helpful.

If interested, your company can also donate to our general fund. Learn more.

Promote The Cause

Promoters can choose to identify as members of the national EQuip Our Kids! Campaign or simply promote the cause independently. Options for promoting include: 

  • Have your ad agency and marketing department create and distribute original messages that educate the public about, and show your support for, universal  EQ training. 
  • Or tag your current marketing, advertising, and social media materials with messages from  EQuip Our Kids! and link to our website.
  • Encourage your workforce to participate in the cause and provide tutorials for your employees, especially school-age parents. 

Sponsor EQuip Our Kids!

Align your brand and marketing efforts with the EQuip Our Kids! cause and branding.

With a sponsorship package, you can show your commitment to the  emotional and mental health and life success of children and their communities.  This is powerful social branding. 

  • You can go wide with us or get our exclusive geographic, demographic or venue-specific branding.
  • Donate media time and space for our ads and spots, with prominent placement for your brand.

learn how your business can make a difference today.

Download our booklet on how your business can start making a difference in the Big EQ revolution!

Prominent Supporters of EQ Learning

Among those who encourage social-emotional learning (without endorsing any specific advocacy campaign such as ours):

Former First Ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush, Lady Gaga, film director George Lucas, relationship expert John Gray, New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu, and Children’s Defense Fund founder Marian Wright Edelman. 

Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros is a specific EQuip Our Kids! endorser.