there's a youth mental health crisis -
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We're offering organizations a free webinar to learn more about the youth mental health crisis and what they can do in response to help boost youth Emotional Intelligence, or EQ.

Webinars can be customized for specific groups, including working parents on your staff and your parenting customers.

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In December 2021, the US Surgeon General declared a youth mental health crisis and called for a “whole of society” response.

He specifically called for advancing into all schools the emotional and social Intelligence life skills that create mental wellness and boost EXACTLY the mindsets and capacities businesses and organizations are eager to hire for. These same skills strongly mitigate against children growing up to be youths who murder school children.

Your business can be a powerful force in answering the call on behalf of all our kids, and benefit from it as well. And we can show you how.

In your free webinar, you and your colleagues will learn:

  • How to make even more relevant to your business the reality that Emotional Intelligence or EQ is three times more important than IQ for success in school, work, and life.
  • How our free webinars for your parenting employees can make them more productive.
  • What skills 25% of schools today are teaching to boost EQ – and the positive economic impact of the other 75% doing the same.
  • How you and your employees can help 400,000 kids, including those in your operating communities, build important EQ skills.
  • How to market support for EQ skills to the customer pool of 55 million parents, gaining brand allies and sales.

about us.

We’re EQuip Our Kids!, a national nonprofit promoting increased Emotional Intelligence for PreK – 12 students. Boosting Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, provides crucial life skills that kids need for improved mental and physical well-being and academic achievement today, and for success tomorrow in college, career, relationships, and life.

We’re not selling anything in these webinars, and we can tailor them for various parts of your organization:

  • C-Suite or Leadership Team
  • Human Resources, Benefits, and Recruiting
  • Learning & Development
  • Marketing including Branding, Promotions, and Customer Service
  • Community Relations, Foundation, CSR, and ESG 
  • Prospects, Partners, and Suppliers

Don’t wait to find out more. There’s a crisis happening for our kids. We need to equip them for today–and tomorrow.