90% of business success today comes from EQ rather than IQ.

-- Harvard Business Review

There are 5 great reasons to join our co-branded campaign to make social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum a priority in all our schools. One is the payoff to your bottom line to align with 78 million U.S. parents. Another is to heed the U.S. Surgeon General's Dec. 7 call for the "whole of society" to act to address the first-ever nationwide "Youth Mental Health Crisis," which he declared that day as fallout from Covid disruptions, pointedly noting the need to advance SEL. to our kids. The third is to advance general economic health and wellbeing of your communities and general market - a proven derivative of SEL competencies. The fourth is to help your current parenting employees' children and, fifth, to insure an excellent workforce as students graduate with high EQ and SEL skills.

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Build your brand reputation with millions of parents and educators by supporting parent and public awareness and adoption in schools and homes of the life skills that make kids successful and happy, today and tomorrow. 

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campaign values.

When schools focus on academic intelligence and neglect Emotional Intelligence (EQ), children are less prepared to handle everyday and workplace struggles. 

Emotional Intelligence isn’t a luxury we can ignore in tough times. It’s an essential set of skills that is a big key to professional success and to substantially greater economic growth. It’s endorsed by educators, business leaders – among them the American Enterprise Institute – and by celebrities and former First Ladies (and some governors) of both parties.

The good news is that we can equip our kids with Emotional Intelligence! Research demonstrates that EQ-raising “Social-Emotional Learning” (SEL) in pre-K to 12 schools builds emotional intelligence and leads to high-functioning, caring, happier individuals who uplift their workforces, and communities.

Its upsides are considerably greater than corporate support for STEM – and include that it can cultivate many more students into STEM learning. 

We are a national public awareness campaign allied with 21 key nonprofit organizations in the SEL movement and 13,000 educators. Our goal is to mobilize parents and the business community to call for SEL’s school and life game-changing curriculum. 

benefits for your business.

There are 78 million parenting households in the U.S. By promoting EQ and SEL through our co-branded campaign, you show your commitment to the emotional, mental health, and life success of their children and communities. Our educators know that parents are tremendously grateful when they learn about SEL. They love it–and their gratitude can flow to your brand. 

How much interest  is there? A coordinated two-day social media campaign in March for SEL Day drew 12 million views. Your company can ally with that level of interest.

You also strengthen your brand reputation among clients, partners, employees, educators, and the general public.

Companies that infuse EQ within their brand and culture often rank highest on the lists of best companies to work for.

Workers with high EQ have longer careers with the same employer. They maintain a positive attitude, establish positive relationships with colleagues, and work through difficulties.

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value to your employees.

Nearly 90% of business success today comes from EQ, not IQ. EQ training gives current and future employees the interpersonal skills that they need to flourish at work. Those same skills help work-life balance and family life, especially with working parents.

Self-aware team members build strong relationships with colleagues, have the confidence to advance new ideas, accept constructive input, and collaborate with others to bring new ideas to market. The most innovative teams are led by those who encourage their staff and support healthy conflict resolution.

Employees with higher EQ connect in more meaningful ways with their customers, their colleagues, and the work at hand. Strong connection leads to engagement in what they are doing and, importantly, satisfaction about and appreciation for the human context in which they work.

High EQ supports increased productivity. An employee with high EQ exhibits better physical and mental health. These workers maintain better focus, collaboration, decision making, and conflict resolution. Emotional Intelligence reduces friction in the workplace, ultimately raising individual and collective creativity and new profitable opportunities.

High EQ reduces spending in areas such as workplace safety, lawsuits, law enforcement, physical and psychological health.

campaign impact.

Jay Levin (our President) is a successful media entrepreneur who founded the  LA Weekly newspaper, which became the nation’s most successful city weekly. He formed nonprofit EQuip Our Kids! after seeing the fragmented adoption of emotional intelligence education in the U.S. The many thousands of dedicated providers of Social-Emotional Learning needed a support campaign to raise awareness and drive demand for adoption of SEL in all U.S. schools – public, private or charter.

our campaign goals.

  • By 2030 universal implementation of comprehensive SEL in U.S. pre-K to-12 education
  • Support for EQ and SEL from the business and professional communities that matches or exceeds support for STEM (science, technology, engineering and  math)
  • Every year a growing large number of parenting families adopt EQ and SEL practices in their homes
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board and organizational structure.

Many of us at EQuip Our Kids! come from successful business careers in media, business services, technology, healthcare, education and entertainment. We understand how to succeed in business and how to make an impact in the world.