Business Advocacy...and Tips on How-to

The business community has been ahead of the curve in recognizing the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace.

Many companies now prioritizing EQ in their hiring practices. Some have made a business-critical effort to invest in their employees by introducing adult emotional and social intelligence programs into their companies.

These are promising trends, although not yet on the scale truly needed, including skills in mindfulness, collaboration and conflict resolution.

Workforce experts and education researchers therefore urge that companies actively advocate for comprehensive adoption in the education system of what educators call social-emotional learning, from pre-school through high school.

The two most obvious returns on such an advocacy investment, the evidence strongly shows, would be a superior workforce going forward – a generation of high-performing, persevering, focused, loving and creative young people who present as near-ideal employees -and a more resilient society as a whole.

More immediately, companies can enjoy “social branding” goodwill (and sales) from proudly promoting their brands as crucial supporters of uplifting all children’s lives. In fact, nothing will likely speed universal such learning better than business advocacy for it.

Nothing will likely speed universal EQ learning better than business advocacy for it.

In The Workplace

• Encourage your employees, especially parents, to engage local schools about adopting EQ Learning and refer them to this webpage for guidance on best ways to do so.

• Identify local educators knowledgeable about emotional intelligence and “social-emotional learning” (the dominant educators’ term for EQ curriculum, though some school districts refer to it as “character development”) and have them speak at your company. We can help if needed.

• Employees can also become advocates. This might include parent employees hosting at-home talks by the same educators for other parents (employees or not), or organizing advocacy visits by parents to school administrators to promote EQ learning.

• They can (and you can) also promote our successful social media messages on their social media accounts.

• Implement EQ training for your workforce with workshops and other methods. We can guide you to trainers if needed. 

In The Community

• Contact school administrator and board members  in your company name stating your support for rapid adoption of social-emotional learning and “whole child development.” 

• Encourage employees to do the same.

• Recruit allies for the cause at business associations and other
organizations to which you belong and from among your associates and colleagues. Promote the cause at your convention booths.  

• Introduce the concept and messages to our client base and encourage them to do the same. Ambitious about this? Offer them a small discount for doing so.Our bet is it will come back to you multiplied. 

Encourage other causes you support to cross-promote not only with your brand; also with EQuip Our Kids!

• Create rewards for local schools to adopt EQ Learning. 

• Contact your state’s Teacher Credentialing Unit and encourage them to make training in social-emotional learning a teacher licensing requirement.