Here's a way to get your school to prepare you better for life success & alleviate a lot of what's whack. Plus get community service credits.

Teenagers share the benefits of EQ learning in their schools.


Here’s an opportunity to ignite a student-led Life Skills for Success experience in school. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch to get your school to add this learning experience, or gathering other students to gain this learning independent of the school (provided free by us), or possibly even adding elements of it to an existing school club, this is your chance to create a safe space for open discussions, explore big feelings,  build strong bonds and supercharge everyone’s emotional intelligence and life skills.

EQuip Our Kids! (contact will help in either case. 

Join our Youth Advisory Board. Shape the future of education. 

How about helping make a lasting impact on education nationwide? Join our Youth Advisory Board. As a member, aged 13 to 21, you’ll have unique opportunities to lead and to network with like-minded students from across the country, You’ll gain valuable leadership experience, connect with passionate peers, and contribute your valuable insights. (Have other ideas? Email

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Spark change as a social-media ambassador. Help friends &others get these skills – or provide them yourself. 

If you’ve experienced the benefits of this learning, your story is invaluable. Share your journey, wisdom, and insights as a social media ambassador for EQuip Our Kids! spreading the advantages to peers locally or nationally. Your voice has the power to make a difference even in the adult community. 

Haven’t experienced SEL but want to help?  We’ll show you how to promote SEL and provide free training in professional-level social marketing techniques. (Have other ideas? Email

Here's what you'll gain if you haven't already learned these skills.

  • Lifelong skills to deal with overthinking, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, or isolated. Basically, it is a skills path to feeling good, to thought wellness, and to self-confidence. Plus, guidance on physical wellness.
  • Skills to develop good friends, have excellent relationships, handle conflicts, be creative, and achieve your highest goals.
  • Better habits, more productivity and, less laziness and procrastination, clearer minds. Leading almost always to higher grades now, greater college or job entry prospects, and later academic and career successes.
  • A great sense of positive, supportive community as you avoid feeling isolated and join your peers in upping your emotional intelligence and skills in communicating, collaborating, and being your best self.
  • Being more appealing to employers. According to the World Economic Forum, 8 of the top 10 job skills employers need for 2025 and beyond relate to self-management, working with people, and problem-solving.
  • Financial Literacy smarts about how the economy works as essential life skills adjunct to emotional and social life skills.
  • Developing practical and interpersonal leadership skills for guiding yourself, projects, and groups
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EQuip Our Kids! is a national nonprofit campaign raising needed awareness about and support for EQ life skills. 

Our goal is comprehensive EQ life skills instruction in every U.S. preK – 12 classroom by 2030. We don’t charge for our help.